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Growing Environment

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HVAC Veteran With Over 20 Years Experience

"I met someone at the Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Show in Santa Clara who introduced me to some facilities consultants and the conversation about how we could approach the indoor agricultural dehumidification problem more effectively began."



Accelerated Growth Solutions (AGS) is a collective of HVAC equipment representatives, engineers, and consultants who have recognized a serious need for indoor agriculture industry specific environmental controls and HVAC equipment.  Commercial indoor agriculture is still in the infant stages and therefore lags in best industry practices in regard to facilities design and integration.  AGS has the experience to navigate challenges associated with indoor agriculture and specializes HVAC design and equipment selection.

Indoor agricultural facility climate is an incredibly dynamic challenge due to the logarithmic increase of plant transpiration that accompanies the plant's growth cycle.  It is our goal to evaluate your facility's individual load profiles and suggest equipment and designs to perfectly control your environment and provide protection against system failures that can decimate your company's yields.


Conor Guckian

Conor Guckian founded Accelerated Growth Solutions to service indoor cultivation specific environmental concerns. Passion projects focus on energy efficient central combined heat and power (CHP) plant design.  Conor has developed relationships with some of the HVAC industry's most advanced manufacturers to build indoor cultivation applicable specific products under the AGS name. Transferring over 18 years of comprehensive knowledge to designing climate solutions for: schools, laboratories, clean rooms, and hospitals, he now specializes in humidity driven applications within the industry.


Our sales engineers can help you from the ground up with raw land, or help retrofit your current space. Our aim is to create the most efficient design possible while meeting the needs of your space and the goals of your grower. All quotes are custom tailored to each individual project.

RN Series Rooftop Units

RN Series Rooftop Units continue to lead the packaged rooftop equipment industry in performance and serviceability. They are ideal for large scale cultivation and range from 3 ton to 240 ton units. Compressors, controls and heating components are located in a single compartment isolated from the air stream for ease of service and longevity. They are available in both air-cooled and water-cooled models.

Odor Abatement Exhaust Systems

These fan systems dilute the air via bypass dampers and also through a Venturi like entrainment of air through the wind band. The cumulative diluted airstream has the mass and momentum to propel it high above neighboring buildings and away from prying noses. There is no substitute to these fans when odor complaints are a concern at your facility.

Floor Mount Water Cooled and Split Systems

*DES*SA Series self contained units and indoor air handling units lead the industry in construction, technology, and efficiency. They are vertical self contained units with either a water-cooled condenser or a remote air--cooled condenser. These units range from 23-70 tons. Their 10-100% variable capacity R-410A scroll compressors provide load matching cooling and improved partial load efficiency.

Fluid Coolers and Cooling Towers

  • Durable Heavy Duty Construction

  • All Fiberglass and Seamless Construction

  • Longer Life Span

  • Modular Configuration

  • Low Environmental Impact

  • Low Sound & Super Low Sound Fan

Prefabricated Co-Gen (Combined Heat & Power) Systems

Combined heat and power systems provide the ability to produce electricity and recapture heat from the engines themselves.  In cultivation we use this for “reheat" during the de-humidification process. This eliminates the needs for a single use heat source such as a boiler, dramatically increasing system efficiency in 4-pipe scenarios. This form of decentralized power provides a facility with the means to create power where electricity is not currently available or where grid failure could mean potentially catastrophic loss.  

Prefabricated Pumping & Chiller/Boiler Systems

  • High efficiency centrifugal pumps with variable frequency drives and safety switches

  • Built in Backup pump with alarm and auto-switchover during a loss of system pressure

  • Professionally designed to fit your space and flow requirements

  • Single-point connection for electrical

  • Fully fabricated, wired, run-tested, painted, and shrink-wrapped for shipment

  • Easy installation and startup

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